Why CX + EX will become the number one business differentiator

Free webinar from two customer experience and employee engagement thought leaders

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It is proven that improving customer experience helps organisations succeed and CX is now seen as the key difference between those businesses that succeed and those which fail. Running in parallel with this cultural shift, employee experience (EX) is also being prioritised as a way to transform business performance.

Improving both of these areas is critical for businesses who wish to thrive. Yet what happens when both CX and EX are improved as part of a strategic improvement plan? No one has yet aligned these two powerful disciplines and created a cohesive methodology for developing both in unison. Until now.

In this free seminar, two pioneers of customer and employee experience will explain the work they are carrying out with organisations to make the connection between EX and CX clear, quantifiable and repeatable. Attendees will learn how to…

x3 Takeaways
- Simple tips for improving CX + EX which can be implemented immediately
- Understanding of why CX + EX is the great untapped improvement area that will define the competitive landscape for the next decade
- Learn the plans for embedding best practice CX + EX into organisations

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