CX+EX Performance Analytics

We help you to identify, clarify and measure the interdependency between your CX and EX scores (based on NPS, effort scores etc). We deliver intelligent analytics through our award-winning CX+Employee Engagement Model™ which has over 45 integral indicators, providing a robust improvement pathway. 

The science of performance improvement
Our unique partnership with world renowned Owen CX, leaders in NPS certification and performance analytics illuminate and measure the direct and interdependent relationship between customer and employee experiences, and together with our insights will provide you with valuable direction as you seek to achieve the ultimate CX+EX alignment.

The CX+Employee Engagement Model™ works by deeply understanding and pinpointing the science and measurement of Customer Experience and Employee Experience to drive continuous, sustainable CX+EX improvements. 

And, if you are not measuring your Employee Experience right now, we can help you with this too.

IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS: Drive NPS, Customer effort scores, and bottom line results by combining performance data analytics with high impact Employee Engagement.