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CX HIGH PERFORMANCE provides a range of exceptional award winning leadership training & development solutions – all based on over 25 years success, with a proven track record, in-depth employee research and award winning client programmes across over 200,000 staff in excess of 100 organisations, locally and globally. 

We share the true secrets of successful CX-EX, optimising your existing people assets and taking Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Bottom Line Performance to the next level and beyond.

Our training, coaching and development solutions can also be tailored or totally bespoke according to what you want to achieve, your resources, your locations and your budgets. Together, we will explore the options to create the right solution to achieve your goals. 


  • Service Quality

  • Team Trainers

  • Sales Managers

  • Help Desk Managers

  • Business Excellence Support

  • HR Partners

  • Inbound Manager

  • Outbound Manager

  • Complaints Managers

  • Retention & Loyalty Leaders

  • Telemarketing Managers

  • Marketing and Brand Managers

  • C-suite / Board

  • Customer Senior Leader

  • Head of Operations

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Contact Centre Leaders

  • Head of Digital service & sales

  • Team Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Supervisors

  • Coaches

  • Workforce Managers

  • Performance Managers


Our world class CX experts, training team and materials create a superb, ready-made solution for your overall requirements, enabling you to get up to speed quickly and provide consistent, high impact solutions for your teams. Generally our in-company workshops are 2-3 days. They often will form part of your:

  • Internal syllabus across your organisation

  • CX specialist induction training

  • Leadership training and development

  • Succession planning

CX High Performance Workshop


Designed to suit your specific needs, we create the right training solution for your Leadership teams. Topics can be tailored and we can also include further subject matter such as regulations, compliance, diversity, new products and marketing campaign briefs.

Programmes will vary from one hour buzz sessions or one day awesome workshops, through to two and three day intensive, challenging high impact programmes.

CX High Performance Team Manager


Created for you, based on extensive experience and expertise – we design and create a fully bespoke solution. For your large scale leadership transformation programme we support your leaders' journey to make the shift to high performance including:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Maximising potential

  • Increasing Return on Employee

  • Model office environments

  • Train the Trainer

  • Full programme design, build, delivery, management and transfer to your in-house teams

Our expert team has innovated, designed and delivered successful award winning bespoke solutions.  

Your fully branded solution will provide you with your own CX leadership development in a high impact flexible way that will adapt and develop your teams.

Current Leadership Workshops include:


Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and your
CX employees would be happier, more engaged, and achieve more?  You'll find your CX Employee Engagement answers here...



Savvy senior leadership is critical to customer experience performance. This workshop teaches customer experience leaders how to make exceptional customer experience a business differentiator.



The performance differential between high and low performing teams is profound. We teach team managers to become leaders who drive the customer experience culture through every interaction.


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