Sales success masterclass

This three-day sales workshop will enable delegates to achieve more sales, increase customer value and improve customer satisfaction. Our proven, successful POWER Formula™ makes selling simple and easy to do.

This is a high impact, motivational and experiential sales programme which increases performance and results.  Time to Power your people?

What you will achieve:

  • Increased sales

  • Improved conversion rates

  • Greater customer value

  • The ability to deal with obstacles and challenges

  • Build competitive advantage

  • Gain a commitment every time

  • Know the POWER Formula™ for success

  • Build customer loyalty and develop lifetime customer value

I thought that I was an old hand at sales and truly believed there was nothing else that anyone could tell me that was new or to change my pitch – I was wrong. This workshop gave me new skills, new insight and some fun new challenges.

Who will Benefit:

  • Sales teams, account managers, customer service teams, sales executives and team leaders that want to develop or enhance the expertise to find, win and develop customers

On completion of this workshop your new skills will enable you to:

  • Perfect complete end-to-end sales in a Customer Service and Sales environment using the POWER Formula™

  • Transform from order taker to order maker

  • Benefit from a style that will deliver longer-term partnerships with customers

  • Develop advanced objection handling and closing skills

  • Treat individual customers differently by adapting your sales style to each customer

  • Create ‘value add’ to ever customer contact

  • Develop the important winning mindset to be a winning, customer focussed sales person