CX Executive Coaching

Senior CX Leaders and Customer Managers

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The CX Executive Coaching Programme

Collaborating, strategising and bringing ideas together with your own CX Executive Coach gives you added strength as you address the challenges you are faced with in today’s changing CX world.

Your CX Executive Coaching Programme consists of 6 transformational modules, each one created to guarantee you achieve:

> Increased Customer Experience > Improved Employee Engagement > Greater Business Performance

You are in control - you choose the pace, location (online or face to face) and, together, we agree the objectives.

Your highly experienced Executive Coach, your guide and mentor gives you the unique opportunity to bounce ideas, create robust plans and accelerate your personal growth - you’ll also be up to date with the latest CX trends and developments. And you’ll be challenged on old ways of working to transform your CX capabilites.

All our Executive Coaches are CX experts - so you don’t get the ‘what do you think’ method of coaching. Together, we discuss, debate and brainstorm to establish the best way forward for your CX organisation, your business performance and your team.

With direct, strategic AND pragmatic advice to build your CX plan, improve your service and sales performance and engage your employees - based on our excellent pedigree and unique (very) smart methodologies that are proven to be very successful.

Confidential and completely tailored, one to one direct coaching that supports you to achieve increased performance and success, and propel you to the next level.


Powerful support for you and your CX Organisation

Tomorrows Leaders … Fast tracked

Often you know that if only you had the time, you could have a great succession plan from within.

Our CX Executive Coaches support rising leaders to prepare them for the next step and challenges in their career with you.

We run an exciting and challenging programme which equips leaders with the knowledge, gravitas and skills to move up your CX career ladder.

You pinpoint the key development areas - and leave us to transform, equip and skill your future leaders.

Expertise that has also helped develop some great leaders…

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  • Head of Operations NOW VP Customer Service & Sales

  • TeleBusines Manager NOW Customer Service Director

  • Customer Service Manager NOW EU Customer Service Director

  • New Business Manager NOW Director of Sales

  • Senior Customer Service Advisor NOW Head of Customer Service

  • Team Manager NOW Head of Sales Operations

The Executive Coaching programme provides exceptional support, guidance and expertise for your all CX challenges.