It's taken many hours documenting best practice based on countless days of working with customer service teams. But it's finally here. Natalie Calvert is pleased to announce the blueprint for customer team performance success.

6 characteristics of high performing teams.png

I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest, brightest and best customer service teams in my time as a trainer and consultant. During that time, I've also shared the frustration and tears that occur when teams aren't performing. This view has given a unique and valuable perspective. It's shown me that high performing customer teams share key behaviours. The characteristics of these teams are clearly identifiable and transferable. 

'Transferable' is the operative word here. I realised that if EVERY customer team understood what these behaviours are, potentially they could replicate them.

This is what inspired me to create the resource: 6 Characteristics of High Performing Customer Teams. And I'm sharing it for free.

I hope that by sharing this document, customer team leaders will see the 'science' behind performance improvement. Sadly, there is a persistent myth that customer team performance is a 'soft' unquantifiable discipline.  My research proves that this isn't true. Not only are the skills and behaviours described in detail within this paper tangible, they can be learned by any team.

Download the paper, digest and take the lessons into your business. I'd love to get your feedback and would be happy to talk about the lessons within it. Please email me: natalie@cxhighperformance.com