CX HIGH PERFORMANCE solutions are based on over 25 years success, with a proven track record, in-depth employee research and award winning client solutions.

We share the true secrets of CX+EX, optimising your existing people assets and taking Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Business Performance to the next level and beyond.

CX Employee Engagement Programmes

Collaborative programmes to transform your existing customer operations and teams –where you deliver more, much more with your existing teams for your customers and business performance.

CX Executive Coaching

We work side by side with your leadership teams to guide, skill transfer and model culture, behaviours and protocols.

CX Leadership Development

Leadership training and development solutions custom built around your leaders, your customers and your employees.

Brilliant, energising and inspirational. Fully comprehensive range of experiential training.


Ready to drive NPS and Customer Effort scores through CX Employee Engagement?
Our unique partnership with world renowned Owen CX, leaders in NPS certification and performance analytics is based on CX data analytics combined with our EX tools and methodology to uncover the leverage areas for business improvement. Through deeply understanding and pinpointing the science and measurement of Customer Experience and Employee Experience to deliver continuous, sustainable CX+EX improvements.

12 Reasons to Choose CX HIGH PERFORMANCE

  1. Proven track record delivers 22%+ ROI improvement

  2. Robust methodologies backed by research

  3. Improved customer experience

  4. Increased business performance

  5. Greater employee value

  6. Proven world class customer experience solutions

  7. 200,000 employees trained across more than 100 organisations

  8. Over 30 years customer experience expertise

  9. Recognised industry leaders

  10. Expert, multi award winning solutions

  11. Trusted, successful track record

  12. Your independent, unbiased CX+EX partner

Our Successful Track Record Over the Last 25 Years:

  1. Results improved by                             22% >

  2. Customer Service increased by           46% >

  3. Extra revenues increased by                163% >

  4. Complaints reduced by                         58% <

  5. First Contact Resolution increased by  34% >

  6. Employee Engagement increased by   72% >

  7. Cost to Serve decreased by                 18% <

Natalie Calvert


My team and I are here to support, coach and guide you to achieve exceptional Customer Experience through your customer teams, so your business performance will go to the next level and beyond.

You will make a significant, positive difference to your business performance, employee experience and customer experience.

I would love to hear from you, understand the issues you are facing and how your people have the potential to do more.

Please do contactme at and I will do my best to help you.

You know that people really do make the difference when it comes to Customer Experience, so together we can power your employees with real purpose, customer purpose.

Best wishes