Customer Experience is now the number one factor which will determine the success or failure of your business.


At CX High Performance our sole purpose is to empower and equip your customer organisation and employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences that increase brand loyalty and bottom line results.

Partnering with CX High Performance you will be able to accelerate your plans and:

  • PINPOINT how you can increase employee engagement, customer experience AND business improvement.

  • IMPLEMENT TRUSTED AWARD WINNING CX+EX transformational programmes for your multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-channel customer & employee world.

  • EMPOWER & DEVELOP your leaders and teams to embed real sustainable CX+EX cultural change, putting the customer at the centre and your employees in the driving seat.

Why are we are different? We absolutely guarantee you that your Customer Experience AND Employee Experience will improve.

We know what it takes, how to do it and have the success record to fast track and deliver game changing CX+EX programmes. You will have a partner focussed exclusively on improving Customer Experience AND Employee Experience to drive your business growth.

What is CX+EX?
There is a definitive, measurable correlation between Customer Experience and Employee Experience (CX+EX). We guide organisations to achieve this powerful alignment of customer and employee experience.

Why is CX High Performance successful?
Passion, Pragmatism and Performance. We provide results driven strategic and tactical solutions, proven tools and methods which transform customer experience, employee experience and grow bottom line performance.

What next?

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How do we transform employee Experience
and customer experience? 

We understand the science of customer experience and how it really works - empirically and measurably. We understand the art of how people emotionally connect and deliver exceptional customer experiences and how to engage them authentically. And crucially, we understand how to link the two by combining Customer Experience and Employee Experience (CX+EX). Let us show you how powerful that is.

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Put employee experience at the centre of your
CX strategy


Organisations our team has helped:

the future of CX+EX
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Learn about the pioneering work carried out by CX High Performance and Owen CX Group to make the connection between Customer Experience and Employee Experience clear, quantifiable and replicable. Hosted by Natalie Calvert and Richard Owen, co-creator of NPS, this free webinar offers an exclusive look at why successfully combining CX and EX will redefine the customer space and how forward-looking organisations can get involved.

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Natalie Calvert, founder, CX High Performance

Natalie Calvert, founder, CX High Performance

When businesses make a definitive connection between customer experience and employee experience, the results are compelling.
— Natalie Calvert, CX High Performance

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